Elevate Your Events: SKYLIGHT Hosts More Than Weddings

May 1, 2024

SKYLIGHT is located in the bustling heart of Denver and channels the vibrant energy of the city. While our space is renowned for its enchanting ambiance and hosting fairytale weddings, SKYLIGHT is available to host all types of events. 

Corporate gatherings, nonprofit fundraisers, award shows, and more have all found the perfect backdrop with SKYLIGHT since we opened in 2018, and continue to do so today. Continue reading as we dive into what makes SKYLIGHT an ideal choice for all occasions.

Corporate event set up at SKYLIGHT in Denver, Colorado

Beyond Weddings: Corporate and Nonprofit Events

SKYLIGHT’s space is available for a wide spectrum of events, including corporate functions and nonprofit galas. Our venue’s versatility caters to the unique needs of each type of gathering, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for both hosts and attendees.

Corporate events at SKYLIGHT are elevated by the sleek and contemporary design of the space. Whether it’s a product launch, a team-building retreat, or an annual holiday party, our blank canvas is easily customizable to create a sophisticated backdrop that fits your event.

Understanding the importance of community initiatives, SKYLIGHT offers special pricing for nonprofit organizations, allowing these groups to allocate more resources toward their missions. Whether it’s a charity auction, a fundraising dinner, or a philanthropic conference, the team at SKYLIGHT will advise your organization on the best ways to utilize our venue for your cause.

Corporate event watching a demonstration on SKYLIGHT's private patio

Embracing the Outdoors: The SKYLIGHT Patio

Just because you’re hosting an event in the city doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Denver’s beautiful outdoors. SKYLIGHT features a private outdoor patio for guests to enjoy cocktail hour, watch a presentation, play lawn games, or to simply take a breath of fresh air. 

The outdoor patio is surrounded by boxwood hedging and adorned with elegant lighting. Want to really impress your crowd? Bring a local food truck directly into our patio space for guests to enjoy as they mingle.

Guests at a corporate event getting pizza from a food truck at SKYLIGHT in Denver
Photo: Jo Julia Photography

Elevate Your Experience with SKYLIGHT

Whether you’re planning a corporate meeting, a nonprofit fundraiser, or any other special event, SKYLIGHT ensures an elevated experience beyond compare. With our versatile space, optional planning and beverage services, and in-house decor, the team at SKYLIGHT is well-versed in transforming ordinary gatherings into extraordinary occasions.

Contact SKYLIGHT to turn your event vision into reality.