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Our most frequently asked questions that include information about our space, layouts, what's included in your venue rental, policies and logistical questions. If you think of anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask!

what is your vendor policy?

SKYLIGHT has a flexible vendor policy so that you are able to customize your event to your liking!

Are there any In-House/Exclusive partnerships?

SKYLIGHT Beverage is our in-house, customizable beverage provider, and we have to say, it’s pretty epic. We also offer planning as an optional add-on service.

What are vendor load-in and load-out times?

If you have a 24-hour rental, vendors can load in at 10AM the day of your event, and can load out until 10AM the following day. For hourly rentals, your vendors will need to load-in and out within your contracted time. Just let your Client Concierge know if you need more time.

What are the vendor’s insurance requirements?

We require proof of liability insurance, which any licensed vendor will have anyway!

what is skylight's capacity?

SKYLIGHT can accommodate 200 guests for a seated event and much more for a cocktail style reception with limited seating.

what is included in my rental vs. extra?

When you book SKYLIGHT, you get the venue, including the outdoor private patio and client suite, tables and chairs, cocktail tables, market lighting, your very own personal Client Concierge and Beverage Manager, and access to Walk Through Wednesdays every week. Our other amenities, including our photo booth, planning, and beverage service, are optional add-ons for an additional cost. Click here to see the full list of our extra services.

how many hours do i get?

We offer flexible rental windows - anywhere from hourly, to 24 hours, to multi-day depending on your needs. Hourly rentals may not be available on prime weekend days.

24 hours? 24 Hours. If you book your rental for 24 hours, you get the venue from 10 AM the day of your event, until 10 AM the following day. Yes, you read that right. The 24-hour rental gives you more than enough time to set-up, party, and tear down.

Is there a curfew? There is no curfew inside. Party as long as you want but we do have to stop the service and consumption of alcohol at the locally mandated time and comply with local noise ordinances.

Can my vendors and I come back in the morning to get our belongings? Can my vendors come back in the morning and get theirs? If you book a 24-hour rental, then yes and yes. We do suggest you appoint someone to take gifts and any personal items home the night-of.

who will be there the day of my event?

Our Client Concierge team will be your venue representative from the moment you book and throughout the planning process, and will be there on event day to ensure the venue functions perfectly for your event.

The Event Manager arrives once alcohol starts flowing, to ensure we have a dedicated person for facility needs.

Our Planning services are additional fee, and are 110% worth it. Our planners give you your life back, and ensure that your event goes off perfectly. They will stay the entire evening, and handle everything from your setup and flip, to vendor logistics, to getting you down the aisle — even if your ceremony is offsite.

where do my guests park?

We have a parking lot that clients can secure for their event, located about 1.5 blocks from SKYLIGHT. Guests can park overnight. There is also free street parking available within 3 blocks, or you can catch rideshare so you can travel worry-free.

when can we do the rehearsal?

You can typically rehearse the day before your event; timing depends on if we have an event that day. Please reach out to your Client Concierge about rehearsal options for your event.

You and your vendors will handle set-up and remove what they brought into the venue. We include clean-up (sweeping, mopping, bathrooms) in your rental. All personal or event items must be removed by the end of your rental.

If you book SKYLIGHT Planning services, your planner will handle your personal items and manage all your vendor expectations.

who handles set-up and clean-up?

how should I layout my event?

Your Client Concierge/Planner will advise you on any do’s/don’ts for your floor plan.

Yes! Here is list of places to stay that are a few blocks away from SKYLIGHT: Halcyon, Hampton Inn & Suites, Hyatt Regency, Le Meridien, Magnolia Hotel, and The Art. For complimentary assistance with room blocks and other hotel amenities, please contact Engaged Sourcing, our preferred vendor for any hotel reservation needs.

are there any close-by hotels?

Most definitely. We offer a range of planning services to meet your planning needs from month-of to full-service and everything in between. You can learn more about our planning services here.

Who would my Planner be? We have a team of trained planners that will assist you throughout the planning process and on event day to ensure your event happens without a hitch.

What if I am not going to have my event at SKYLIGHT? We love to plan and work events throughout the Denver area. Just shoot us a message and we can chat about the details.


Will I be surprised with any ‘hidden fees’ if I book SKYLIGHT?
We strive to be as transparent as possible when it comes to any charges related to our venue rental fees and any fees associated with our amenities and services that we offer. For weddings, we do not include a separate fee for ceremonies. All potential additional costs are outlined in your venue rental agreement, such as deviating from the catering vendor list, event insurance, etc.

Do I have to get insurance for me and my vendors?

As standard in the industry, the client is only responsible for purchasing their event insurance policy; all vendors provide a copy of their business insurance policies when they are hired for events, and often we are able to keep these on file if the vendor has been to the SKYLIGHT before.

How will I know what is included in my rental?

While SKYLIGHT is the perfect blank canvas for your event, we do include dedicated client spaces, tables & chairs, cocktail tables, decorative lighting, and more in the venue rental fee. These inclusions will be outlined on your venue proposal and attached to your rental agreement. We also offer a range of decor (such as lawn games, pipe & drape, mylar tape dance floor designs and many other fun items), planning and other venue services that you can opt to add to your event experience based on your style, budget, and needs and only then would be charged accordingly. These items and add-on services are not required. Our extensive offerings allow for you to pick and choose what works best for your event without the worry of being charged for things you will not use or that may be provided by one of your vendors. You can see the range of decor and services we offer here.

Are there any fees I should be aware of for Beverage Services?

Our in-house beverage program is required for anyone wanting to serve alcohol at your event. This experience is customizable based on budget and needs, and added services such as specialty cocktails, dinner wine service, water stations, etc. are not required. As is standard in the hospitality industry, the final beverage order will include sales tax, a gratuity for the beverage staff, and an operations fee (similar to a service or admin fee on other vendor proposals). These charges all appear as separate line items on your SKYLIGHT beverage proposal for increased transparency.

Are there any fees I should be aware of for Planning Services?

We offer planning services to all of our clients. Each of these packages include different services, and may have added fees if you would like to include an additional planner, more hours, meetings with vendors, etc. Our planners would walk you through the contract for the package selected and outline what is included in the service. Gratuity is not included and is not mandatory, though it is always appreciated if exceptional service is provided.

Are there any fees associated with how we pay?

We can take credit card, check and ACH payments toward open invoices for the venue rental and any additional services that you may choose to add on. There is a small convenience fee if a credit card is used, but this can be avoided by using a check or paying by ACH transfer.

What if I still have questions?

We welcome all of our clients to reach out to their Client Concierge to ask any questions regarding what amenities and services are included, and those that may be additional. We never want our clients to feel surprised!

Are there any additional fees that I should be aware of?


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