SKYLIGHT Expert Shares How to Throw a Great Party In a Small Space

April 2, 2024

Have you ever wanted to throw a lavish get together in a small space, such as an apartment? Erin Purnell, an event planning expert at SKYLIGHT, was recently featured in an Apartment Guide article on how to host a party in a small space.

Among other advice, Erin suggests creating specific areas for guests to takes selfies, such as a photo backdrop with streamers, balloons and a neon sign.

Avoid clutter, and rearrange furniture if needed in order to best accommodate all elements of entertainment.

Erin Purnell, SKYLIGHT Client Concierge and Planner

Providing guests with a simple menu such as a charcuterie display and pre-made drinks, and utilizing balcony space if available, can also create a warm and inviting atmosphere

Of course, a small space is best filled with an intimate guest count. If your apartment can only fit 10 guests comfortably, narrow down your invite list, or suggest for guests to come in shifts to ensure everyone is comfortable.

Happy planning!