You’re Engaged! When to Start Wedding Planning for your Denver Wedding

November 28, 2023

Recently engaged? Congratulations!

We understand the excitement that comes with finding your forever partner, and we highly encourage you to savor every moment of it!

When you’re ready to start thinking about wedding planning and your vision for the big day in Denver, there are several things to consider. The best place to start is with the basics: When and where.

As you begin to research Denver wedding venues, you’ll find that most couples book months in advance — many even a year in advance or more. According to The Knot, the average engagement length is 16 months, but of course, it depends on several factors. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a short engagement, though.

This is where the ‘where’ comes in: Do you want to get married inside or outside? Do you envision having a warm, Summer day, or a snowy and romantic Winter wedding? Summer and Fall are popular wedding seasons in Denver, so it would be best to find a wedding venue for these seasons sooner rather than later.

Inside of SKYLIGHT for a wedding in Denver
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If you’d prefer to have the option to confirm the setting as it gets closer, there are many popular wedding venues in Denver that have both indoor and outdoor space.

Will your special day be a destination wedding for most of your guests? Or even for you two? If so, consider accommodations, and the many popular events that take place in the Mile-High City. If Denver is home for you and the majority of your guests, this is less of a concern.

If you do prefer a specific season — or even a specific date — this makes it much easier to narrow down when you’ll want to book a venue. If said season is 0-6 months away, you should probably book a venue and start planning your wedding as soon as possible.

Don’t worry, though: The team at SKYLIGHT is available and excited to help you plan your big day, so you don’t need to stress about having a shorter engagement — no matter the engagement length!

A wedding ceremony set up inside of SKYLIGHT in Denver

If you answered no, or if you’d simply like more time to enjoy the engagement, it’s completely acceptable to do what’s best for you. 

Our team of experts does like to set realistic expectations, so we still suggest that you reserve a venue, and the services of a wedding planner as soon as possible. Not only will this help extend your planning timeline, it will also give you time to save money, and figure out your guest list. once you secure a wedding date, you can book your favorite vendors early, and hold off on planning all the details until later on.

Planning Your Denver Wedding

Regardless of your timeline, we highly suggest working with a wedding planner after you get engaged. Even if you have a year to plan your wedding, time flies, and many engaged couples are busy with other life events such as starting new jobs, finishing school, or moving. Hiring a wedding planner will make your wedding — and your life — so much easier.

Wedding planners, including SKYLIGHT Planning, will help you bring your vision to life, handle communication with all of your other wedding vendors, coordinate both your ceremony and reception, and make sure your entire wedding is stress-free.

A sitting area at a Denver wedding
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Need another reason? Here’s a big one:

They will save you money. A wedding planner can help prioritize your budget to ensure you have an amazing wedding. Your investment in a wedding planner will return its savings to you and your spouse-to-be in so many ways that you won’t believe you ever considered not hiring a professional.

SKYLIGHT offers a few different planning packages ranging from Month-Of Coordination to Full-Service Planning. 

What You Need to Get Married in Denver 

In order to get legally married in Denver, here’s everything you need as noted on

The Office of the Clerk and Recorder has a physical office located in the Wellington Webb building at 201 W. Colfax Ave. All in-person marriage services require an appointment.

Virtual marriage services are available Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and require an appointment.

Follow these steps to obtain your marriage license, and be sure to plan ahead! Your license will be sent to your Colorado address via U.S. Mail, and you must sign the license in Colorado within 35 days from the date of issue. The license must be returned for recording within 63 days of marriage to avoid extra fees. For more information, please visit

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No matter how far in advance you choose to book your wedding, SKYLIGHT would love to be a part of your blissful day. Contact our dedicated team to learn more about our blank canvas space, our planning packages, and more.