Registering for Wedding Gifts

What You Should Think About When Registering for Wedding Gifts

No one wants a cookie-cutter wedding; the event should reflect both partners and the life they want to create together. Why should your registry be any different? With more and more couples living together before heading down the aisle, the more traditional homewares are often already taken care of and not needed. Unique options like funds for down payments to put on homes and improvement projects, larger furniture and charities are becoming more and more popular with couples. Here are a few tips to help figure out what would be best to add to your registry!

Do We Need This?

Registries can be overwhelming projects to take on and it can be easy to fall into the trap of adding anything and everything you think would be great to have. Instead of adding and getting every single cool kitchen tool and high-tech device you come across, evaluate what you already have and see where you should upgrade or replace. The point is not to clutter your house with things you think you should have, but items that you really need or that would set up the home you’d like to enjoy.

Approaching your registry with this mindset is also a good idea if you find you don’t actually need anything. Adding a few charities to feature that your guests can contribute towards instead is a meaningful way to make an impact beyond your celebration. Sharing your day by helping causes close to your heart is a beautiful way to join your guests in giving back to your community.

Will We Use This?

Similar to the thought of if you need an item or not, the registry process can also have people thinking they should add something due to tradition when in fact they’ll probably rarely ever use it in the future. Input from friends and family, and pressure to have what everyone else seems to can often influence what you list on your registry, but resist the urge! If you won’t need it or use it, don’t add it, since all it will do is create clutter and waste.

Another unique take for your registry is to think of what special touches you can add for the wedding itself. Consider what cool items you can repurpose from your ceremony and reception into your home later, to make your big day extra unique and cherish for years to come at home. Think custom signage, centerpieces or displays that you can add a link to in your registry for people to contribute to and add to your planning list for your client concierge to plan out the details.

Do We Have Room For This?

Registries are made for couples to get started on their life together with everything they might need to set up a home. For some couples who are starting fresh or moving in together for the first time, this can still mean a lot of stuff. Before you start adding absolutely everything you need, down to the multiple pots and pans, blender and 30 piece food storage set, figure out how much space and storage you’ll need to house all these items. If you’re just itching to fill all your empty drawers go ahead and add every single gadget you’ve been waiting to have. However, if you’re strapped for space as it is, it might be best to get what you’d love to have now and add the option for people to contribute to a gift card you can use to purchase everything else later.

Does This Match What We Have or Future Design?

One reason why registries can be difficult to put together is because you’re starting off fresh and building a new design or style for a future space. A cohesive design is difficult to put together to begin with, but registering for all the pieces can be tough when only working from one location. With the increase in wedding sites and registry options, you can now add items from multiple vendors into one, central site to make it easy for you to add to and guests to find. So add those marble accents from one store and that sofa that will fit perfectly from another to complete your future living room vision.

Being yourself and embracing your style is the best way to create a beautiful, authentic and special wedding day. Keep that same energy for whatever you add for your guests to contribute to in order to celebrate your marriage and new life together with your registry.