So you’ve decided on SKYLIGHT. Great choice! When it comes to your event, we’re all about making things easier for you, including making all the information you need, easily accessible.
Below are the questions we recommend you ask any venue before booking your event, along with the answers pertaining to SKYLIGHT.


Happy researching!


  1. What is your Vendor Policy? SKYLIGHT has a flexible vendor policy so that you are able to customize your event to your liking! Are there any In-House/Exclusive partnerships? SKYLIGHT Beverage is our in-house, customizable beverage provider, and we have to say, it’s pretty epic. What are vendor load-in and load-out times and logistics? Vendors can load in at 10AM the day of your event, and can load out until 10AM the following day. Are there fees associated (for you or the vendor), and finally, what are the vendor’s insurance requirements? SKYLIGHT is fee free! We don’t believe in taking commissions or fees from your vendors in order to make your event happen. We require proof of liability insurance, which any licensed vendor will have, anyway!
  2. What is SKYLIGHT’s capacity? SKYLIGHT can accommodate 200 guests for a seated event and 325 for a cocktail style reception with limited seating.
  3. What is included in my rental, versus extra? When you reserve SKYLIGHT, you get the venue for 24 hours (including all taxes and fees), tables and chairs for 200 guests, your very own personal Client Concierge and Beverage Concierge, and access to Walk Through Wednesdays every week. Our other amenities, including our photo booth, coordination, and beverage service, are optional add-ons.
  4. How many hours do I get? 24 Hours. 10AM the day of your event, until 10AM the following day. Yes, you read that right. The 24-hour rental gives you more than enough time to set up, party, and tear down. Is there a the curfew? Music has to conclude by 10PM outside only. The rest of your event can be held indoors, all night long. Can I come back in the morning and get my belongings? Can my vendors come back in the morning and get theirs? Yes and yes. We do suggest you appoint someone to take gifts, and any personal items, home the night of.
  5. Will someone from the venue be present the day of my event? Yes! Your Client Concierge is your dedicated venue representative from the moment you book, until the end of your event. They are there to make sure the venue functions perfectly for your event. The Night Manager comes on site once alcohol starts flowing, to ensure we have a dedicated person in case of an emergency. Our Coordination service is an additional fee, and is 110% worth it. Our coordinators give you your life back and makes sure your event goes off perfectly. They will stay the entire evening, and handle everything from your set up and flip, to vendor logistics, to getting you down the aisle ー even if your ceremony is offsite.
  6. Where do my guests park? We have a lot available to our guests, located about 1.5 blocks from SKYLIGHT. Guests can park overnight, at no charge.
  7. When can we rehearse? You can typically rehearse the day before your event. Timing depends on if we have an event the day before. If we book an event, we do rehearsal before 10AM. If we don’t, we can be more flexible!
  8. Do you have outdoor space? We sure do! Is it an extra charge? Absolutely not. What’s the weather backup plan? Inside, with an easy peasy flip. When do we make a ‘bad weather call’? The day of your event.
  9. Who handles set up and clean up? Typically, your vendors will handle setup and remove what they bring to the venue. Clean-up (sweeping, mopping, bathrooms) is included in your rental fee; the client is only responsible for trash pick up. We do recycle, as well! If you book coordination, your coordinator will handle your personal items. There is an excessive cleaning fee, but we rarely have to implement this.
  10. What layouts do you see most often? Your Client Concierge/Coordinator will advise you on any do’s/don’ts for your floor plan. We have plenty of outlets available throughout the space so your set up is super flexible.