Destination Weddings

It’s not uncommon for couples to make their wedding a destination affair. Whether it be to a different state in the U.S., or going somewhere abroad, this is definitely a new tradition. Instead of going to another continent, check out beautiful venues in other states like SKYLIGHT. You get the unique destination without the stresses of international travel. Your family and friends get a taste for travel and can attend!

Walking Down the Aisle Together

Couples are switching up the traditional wedding entrance! Instead of first seeing each other as one awaits at the altar, more and more couples are doing a “first look” before the ceremony. The pair will then walk down the aisle together, instead of with a parent or family member. It makes it a much more intimate and united experience for the couple. The symbolism of this moment is gorgeous. You and your fiance are walking down the aisle together to your new life.

Engagement Rings

Many couples both wear rings to symbolize their commitment to one another. The long tradition of the diamond engagement ring for the bride has been popular since the 1930’s. Now, both will often wear an engagement ring to let the whole world know the exciting news that they’re getting married. Men have begun opting for a more unique wedding ring like ones with pave settings where the diamonds are placed close together all around the band. For inspiration, you can look to places online. Jeweler’s, such as Blue Nile, have a bunch of different styles of engagement rings made for every couple.

Non-Traditional Attire

One of the updated traditions we love the most is the different styles couples choose to wear on the day of their wedding. There is no set way to dress in a wedding, which allows the couple to be more creative with what they wear. Couples are wearing anything from formal tuxedos to casual wear. You can check out some creative wedding attire ideas here. This is a great way to stand out and show your personality. Couples might even wear sneakers that fit their style or a jumpsuit for the bride.

After Party

We’re all familiar with wedding receptions after the ceremony and maybe even a brunch the following morning, but after parties are also becoming a popular trend. It’s a party after the reception where everyone keeps the celebration going. It could be at a different location or back at the hotel, but wherever it is, it usually has a theme. It’s a day of endless celebration! At SKYLIGHT, our venue is available from 10 AM the day of your wedding until 10 AM the next day. We’re down for an after party that lasts all night!